This Summer, Spend the Whole Day at Parc Safari… Experience Wilderness Up Close!


This summer, Parc Safari is the ultimate vacation destination!

Starting Friday, May 21, Quebecers are invited to venture deep into the animal kingdom to discover herds of animals from all five continents. Cheetahs, lions, tigers, rheas, owls, and giraffes are all excitedly awaiting visitors.

New for our 49th season

The Tropical Oasis offers a tubing adventure on the majestic Nile, carrying adventurers downriver from Nubia to the ruins of Kush, across Uganda and its mountain gorillas, through Sudan and the massive Khartoum hydroelectric project as well as Egypt and its Valley of the Kings.

This new adventure on a lazy river takes visitors to the pyramid of Kheops while passing a 50%-scale replica of the famed 70-metre-long cruise ship “Sudan”. A remarkable journey filled with magical scenery awaits visitors on this imaginary, educational and entertaining river adventure. Opening June 24th.

It is said that without minerals, there would be no animals: the Discovery Pavilion presents … a dinosaur leg, insects, animals and minerals. The premise of this Pavilion is to spark interest among youngsters by providing an outlook on future research aimed at preserving the quality of life on our planet, fanning the flames of curiosity in young minds about the mysteries of evolution, from the Big Bang to today, from dust to mineral formation, galaxies, dinosaurs all the way to the “sentient beings” that we have become. If an encounter with the Pavilion’s exhibits can convey this passion, then this alone is justification for a day at Parc Safari!

The NEW Discovery Pavilion is a collaborative effort between the Redpath Museum, the Montréal Mineralogical Club, the Town of Sherrington and the private collection of paleontologist François Cornu.

This summer is expected to be a hot one: kids, toddlers and parents alike can cool off at the Aquaparc Safari, with our new water slides, in the Tropical Oasis, Dolphin Lagoon and Dino Wading Pool. Get wet and have fun!

The 5 km paved trail that winds through the Safari Adventure remains Parc Safari’s most exclusive attraction. Travelling to far away Kenya for a similar safari could cost as much as $15,000… Enjoy unparalleled privileged contact with the animals and experience wilderness up close at Parc Safari.

Our tree-shaded footpaths take you to the Bird Garden, the Felines’ Glass Tunnel, the Farm of the Five Continents, the Afrika Terrace that overlooks the African savanna, and the Olduvaï Walkway where macaques, hyenas, white and tawny lions can be observed. Another walkway runs along the African savanna where elk, zebras, rhinos and giraffes await photographers. The majestic flight of birds of prey, the lush forest and the numerous paths and picnic areas are all welcome additions to a unique and memorable experience.

Sleeping with the lions: only at Parc Safari!

To extend the experience, plan on a one night, two day experience. Coolbox are fully equipped mini houses ideal for an overnight stay in the wilderness, close enough to hear the lions roar. This lodging concept allows families to discover nature under the cover of darkness, of course accompanied by a guide. Other activities for guests to experience and gain a new perspective on Parc Safari’s animals are included. All Coolbox are equipped with a kitchenette, dishes, shower and bathroom. All you need to bring is your own food, bedding and personal items.

The stay includes a nighttime bird of prey experience, a twilight walk and breakfast with the lions.


This outdoor hotel concept allows you to spend the night in the greatest comfort, right in the heart of Parc Safari.

242, rang Roxham, Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle

Health measures

To ensure the safety of all staff, animals and visitors, masks must be worn in certain areas. A limited number of tickets are available daily and can be purchased directly from our website at

Please note that due to the pandemic, access to the water park is limited to specific hours. Restaurants and the Boutique are open and abide by the government guidelines. Good news: visitors will once again be allowed to feed the animals, in complete safety!

Parc Safari is committed to being fully compliant with Public Health guidelines.

Visitors are encouraged to visit the Parc Safari website regularly to confirm any changes in applicable sanitation measures.

About Parc Safari

Since July 15, 1972, some 13 million people have discovered and enjoyed a visit at Parc Safari. There are so many things to see and to do that guests stay an average of 6,5 hours.

The park and its Foundation missions are to protect endangered wildlife and to participate in reproduction program while providing a unique experience for the whole family, combining fun, learning and awareness to the challenges of the survival of certain species.

500 animals, 50 species, from five continents are your hosts. Parc Safari is preparing an important anniversary: in 2022 Parc Safari turns 50.

Parc Safari

Much more than just a zoo! Come discover the only place in Québec where you can walk among African animals and explore the Feline Tunnel, the Afrika Terrace and the incredible giraffes’a unique attraction in North America! Cool off in the Aquapark l’Oasis Tropicale and try out the Nile River. 

242, rang Roxham, Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle
Parc Safari