Festival International Nuits d’Afrique, an all-new festival experience that is every bit as authentic


Where African, Caribbean and Latin American music and cultures come together

From July 12 to 24, 2022, the 36th edition of Festival international Nuits d’Afrique heads into a brand-new musical adventure with 150 concerts and activities that will take us to the very heart of African, Caribbean and Latin American music and cultures.

From the big names in world music, internationally and here at home, to the new generation of artists bringing new energy and diversity to the music scene, everyone has been impatiently waiting for the full-scale return of the Nuits d’Afrique de Montréal. This year, over 700 artists from 30 countries are getting ready to amaze festival goers from July 12 to 24 during the 8 series of concerts at various indoor venues , and from July 19 to 24, at the Festival’s outdoor location at the Quartier des spectacles will be expending from Ontario Street to Saint-Catherine Street.

Festival International Nuits d’Afrique

This festival invites you on a global musical journey to enjoy the cultures of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. More than 700 artists from around 30 countries await you in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles.

Jul. 11, 2023 23, 2023

Parterre du Quartier des spectacles
1435, rue St-Alexandre, Montréal
Festival International Nuits d'Afrique


Among the eagerly awaited world-renowned stars returning this year, the charismatic Tiken Jah Fakoly (Ivory Coast) will kick off the festival’s 36th edition at the official opening concert at MTELUS on July 13, 2022 . Then, on July 19, 2022, the free outdoor concert programming will be launched with the captivating Afrobeat of Femi Kuti & The Positive Force (Nigeria), accompanied by his son Made Kuti, promising an electrifying show from the TD – Radio-Canada stage.


The international programming reflects an ever-evolving world music, featuring artists from a diversity of backgrounds, an invitation to explore new worlds.

A leading light in this new generation of musicians is one who is making waves among the young people of Africa and beyond, with 2 million YouTube followers! On July 24, 2022 , during her Montreal premiere, Yemi Alade (Nigeria) will close the Festival on the TD – Radio-Canada stage with a good dose of Afropop with her new Afrobeat and highlife.

Among the many favourite international artists to discover, festival goers will be treated to several major concert premieres, on both indoor and outdoor stages, including the flagship Maloya band Lindigo (Réunion); the fascinating and multi-talented Fabiana Cozza (Brazil); Ghetto Kumbé, virtuosos of the Afro-Colombian electro scene; the Gnawa African groove of Moktar Gania & Gwana Soul(Morocco); Senegal’s rising star, Cheikh Ibra Fam; the latest Kuduro music sensation, Pongo (Angola); and even the bohemian music of Israel’s Pulkes Band.


Every one as exuberant and creative as the next, women have always been an integral part of the festival but now there is a new series, Rythmes au féminin , devoted to these fantastic artists, with performances every evening at 7 p.m. on the new LOTO QUÉBEC stage, at the new Esplanade Tranquille. This series features both local and international artists , all bearers of their cultures and proud of their roots while breaking new ground.


The music scene here in Montreal and across the country is rich and diverse, with many artists also making their mark internationally. On the TD – Radio-Canada stage, festivalgoers will be treated to Wesli (Haiti-QC), singing in the twoubadou style, Ramon Chicharron (Colombia-QC) featuring music from his new album and the reimagined calypso of Kobo Town (Trinidad-ON).


The indoor concerts are presented throughout eight theme-based series to guide festivalgoers in their concert choices and discoveries.


These concert series put the spotlight on the latest in world music, the most compelling voices, the trendiest styles and rootsiest sounds that inspires them.

Every night at each of the venues, MTELUS, Théâtre Fairmount, Le Gesù, Le Ministère and, of course, Club Balattou, audiences are treated to a new musical experience.


Unforgettable musical encounters on the world stage

  • Tiken Jah Fakoly (Ivory Coast) One of the planet’s greatest ambassadors of African music will be celebrating his reunion with Montreal fans. | July 13, MTELUS
  • Lindigo (Réunion) Maloya music guided by the roulèr and kayamba, traditional instruments that entice young and old alike. | July 12, Club Balattou
  • Moktar Gania & Gnawa Soul (Morocco) An intoxicating and mystical sound that transcends genres, a blending of African Gnawa grooves and orientalizing Maghrebian melodies. | July 18, Théâtre Fairmount
  • Fabiana Cozza (Brazil) A stunning voice, one of the most fascinating and charismatic Brazilian singers today. | July 21, Théâtre Fairmount

PRESTIGE SERIES | presented by Radio VM

Congenial atmosphere, magical moments

  • Donald Dogbo(Ivory Coast-QC) Experimenting with African rhythms—Akpongbô, Gbégbé, Bikutsi, Mbalax— and using jazz to tie them all together. | July 14, The Gesù
  • Derek Gripper (South Africa), Zal Sissokho (Senegal-QC), and Djely Tapa (Mali-QC). The full richness of Mandinka traditions to create moments of deep emotion, sharing and pure beauty. | July 15, The Gesù
  • La Nuit de la Korawith Madou Sidiki Diabaté (Mali) and Diely Mori Tounkara (Mali-QC) A dive into the heart of West Africa for a magical evening that celebrates the enchanting and fascinating kora. | July 16, The Gesù


Irresistible Festival favourites

  • Giovany Arteaga (Cuba-QC) Cuban rhythms with elements of Jazz, R&B and Soul, an evening worthy of the best clubs in Havana. | July 16, Club Balattou
  • Dicko Fils (Burkina Faso) Fulani music meets pop rhythms, a delight for any festivalgoer. | July 22, Club Balattou
  • Rendez-vous Mandingue with Benkadi (Guinea-QC) A spotlight on the exhilarating Mandinka rhythms, songs and dance. | July 15, Club Balattou
  • Momo Soro & Jazz’ Wa (Ivory Coast-QC) A journey through musical genres, a moment of grace where nothing matters but the sound’s pure beauty. | July 21, Club Balattou
  • Aboulaye Koné (Ivory Coast -QC) Between percussions and Mandinka guitar, this virtuoso is eager to share his impressive musical heritage with his audiences. | July 23, Club Balattou

LES ÉTOILES NUITS D’AFRIQUE SERIES | presented by La Fabrique Culturelle de Télé-Québec

Nine unique evenings featuring three artists and their special guests. Exclusive encounters, each night for a whole new musical experience

  • Blaise Labamba & Kotakoli (DR Congo-QC) Evenings in keeping with the purest of Congolese traditions. | July 12, 13 and 14, Club Balattou
  • Diogo Ramos (Brazil-QC) Discover tropical rhythms in all their diversity. | July 17, 18 and 19, Club Balattou
  • Les Frères Sissokho (Senegal-QC) A family reunion set to the rhythms of Mandinka drums, the kora and traditional dance.| July 20, 21 and 24, Club Balattou


Festive and energizing DJ events

  • Iration Steppas (United Kingdom) special guest of WorldWild SoundSystem (Quebec). Progressive techno-dub inspired by global sounds propelled into a creative artistic soundscape. | July 16, Théâtre Fairmount
  • Poirier et invités (Quebec) Electropop bringing together a world of rhythms, Brazilian, Haitian, Jamaican, Mozambican… an evening that promises to be energizing and festive. | July 23, Le Ministère

VOIX DU MONDE SERIES | presented by TV5

Passionate worlds

  • Dawn Taylor Watson (Quebec) An eclectic blues steeped in emotion, infused with jazz, soul, rock, R&B, swing, folk and gospel. | July 13, Club Balattou
  • Delphine Mounkoro (Mali) A Bwa-inspired tradi-modern style of music where modern instruments blend seamlessly with traditional Malian ones. | July 20, Club Balattou
  • Veeby (Cameroon-QC) Her voice soars and plunges to better soar again, an exuberant and energizing evening guaranteed. | July 19, Club Balattou
  • Paulo Ramos (Brazil-QC) Iconic figure of Montreal’s world music scene, he envelops his audiences in the gentle caress of his samba and bossa nova. | July 14, Club Balattou


The new ambassadors of world music

  • Ndaka Yo Wiñi (Angola-QC) A transcendent musical atmosphere influenced by jazz and traditional Angolan rhythms. | July 18, Club Balattou
  • Sophie Lukacs (Hungary-QC) Music inspired by Canadian and Hungarian folk rendered with rhythmic kora acoustics. | July 17, Club Balattou
  • Akawui (ChileQC) A blending of traditional Andean rhythms with those of North American Indigenous peoples. | July 24, Club Balattou


Powerful, danceable, electrifying

  • Ghetto Kumbé (Colombia) Dramatic stage set ups along with a combination of drumming and bass synthesizer that goes deep inside and gets people up and dancing. | July 12, Le Ministère
  • Kizaba (DR Congo-QC) The art of taking on Afrofuturism, computer in one hand and traditional drum in the other. | July 22, Théâtre Fairmount
  • Ifriqiyya Électrique (Morocco) A raw, authentic and exuberant electro sound hovering somewhere between North African ritual and brazen bass vibes. | July 14, Le Ministère
  • Pongo (Angola) Iconic figure in Kuduro music, moving between digital sounds and lively Angolan rhythms for super danceable show. | July 15, Théâtre FairmountPuissant, dansant, électrisant


THE NUITS D’AFRIQUE VILLAGE FROM JULY 19 TO 24, 2022: SIX DAYS of free concerts and activities for the whole family at the Parterre du Quartier des spectacles and Esplanade Tranquille


The Festival will be twice as big this year. Literally! For the first time, the NUITS D’AFRIQUE VILLAGE is expanding! Extending from the Parterre du Quartier des spectacles to the new Esplanade Tranquille, there will now be two concert stages and twice as many free concerts and activities for the whole family to enjoy. Music will be heard everywhere from morning till night; a truly immersive soundscape into the heart of African, Caribbean and Latin American culture, and more.

“Nuits d’Afrique exists to bring artists and their audiences together. It fosters a meeting of cultures, sharing, very simply, through music. More than ever, we need to get closer to one another, to be together. I am also extremely touched to see the Festival develop, to see that its mission is resonating more and more.” Lamine Touré, the Festival’s president and founder

Many new features await this year’s festivalgoers, without forgetting all the other favourite activities happening throughout the Festival’s outdoor site:

  • A host of concerts that bring people together, providing memorable musical discoveries directly from the TD – RADIO-CANADA STAGE, at the Parterre du Quartier des spectacles as well as the new LOTO-QUÉBEC STAGE, at the new Esplanade Tranquille;
  • NARCITY’S ESCALES TROPICALES DJsets deliver a selection of the best tropical groove events such including an ICI MUSIQUE DJ SET, hosted by Philippe Fehmiu
  • The CABARET NUITS D’AFRIQUE for more intimate and relaxed gatherings featuring the artists, their music and their culture
  • THE CHILDREN’S VILLAGE with special daily activities at the Esplanade Tranquille
  • FUN ENTERTAINMENT and ACTIVITIES such as the traditional AWALÉ game, a brand-new GIANT GAME created especially for the Festival
  • OPEN-AIR WORKSHOPS to learn about traditional dances and musical instruments
  • The new SAQ BISTRO with its refreshing terrasse
  • The Festival’s many RESTAURANTS and BARS that offer an array of tropical flavours with drinks and dishes of different countries
  • And the outstanding TIMBUKTU MARKET with an exclusive array of treasures to discover

LES GRANDS ÉVÉNEMENTS TD SERIES presented in collaboration with ICI Musique

TD – RADIO-CANADA STAGE – Parterre du Quartier des spectacles

  • Femi Kuti & The Positive Force feat Madé Kuti (Nigeria) The son and grandson of the legendary Fela Kuti continues to spread their mesmerizing Afrobeat, backed by a lively brass section and percussive rhythms. | July 19
  • Afrique en Cirque with Kalabanté (Guinea-QC) Explosive acrobatics, agile and athletic choreographies, thundering percussions… Afrique en cirque combines circus arts with theatre, music and dance. | July 20
  • La Mambanegra(Colombia) Flagship group of Columbia’s newest music scene that combines heady percussions with a flamboyant brass section. | July 21
  • Cheikh Ibra Fam (Senegal) In tune with his roots, the member of the legendary Orchestra Baobab sets the stage with his ever popular Afropop sound. | July 22
  • Zilla ManiKongo (DR Congo-ON) Moving beyond the conventional to become a rallying force that never fails to bring crowds to their feet. | July 23
  • Yemi Alade (Nigeria) With her powerful voice and lively choreographies, she takes Afrobeat to new heights, injecting it with generous doses of hip-hop, pop, reggae, soul and gospel. | July 24


LOTO-QUÉBEC STAGE – The Esplanade Tranquille

  • OKAN (Cuba-ON) A sublime tribute to Cuban music with rich arrangements of Caribbean, African and Latin accents. | July 19
  • Manou Gallou (Ivory Coast) Afro-groove that pushes past the boundaries between genres to deliver a blend of traditional rhythms, rock, jazz, blues, Afrobeat and funk. | July 20
  • Joyce N’Sana (Congo-QC) Afrobluehop is an explosive cocktail that never ceases to astonish audiences with its blend of reggae, gospel, hip-hop, jazz and Afro-blues. | July 21
  • Dobet Gnahoré (Ivory Coast) An Afro-electro sound studded with catchy melodies that combine Moroccan rhythms, coupé-décalé, house and highlife. | July 22
  • Lara Klaus (Brazil-QC) With rhythms at times muted or energetic, a broad range of Brazilian percussion instruments divinely integrated into the music of her native northeastern Brazil. | July 23
  • Naxx Bitota (DR Congo-QC) Flirting with soukous and modern Afropop for a very hip and modern sound. | July 24



To showcase new musical talent, Nuits d’Afrique launched the Syli d’or de la musique du monde 15 years ago, creating yearly music event that puts the spotlight on dozens of Canadian artists from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. The winners for 2022 include Syroko (Algeria-QC), Papish (Chile-Venezuela-QC) and Blaise LaBamba & Kotakoli (DR Congo-QC), who will all be performing on stage during the Festival.


Since 2016, FINA has been awarding the Prix Nuits d’Afrique pour la Francophonie to an internationally recognized artist who embodies the unifying vision of a culturally diverse Francophonie. The winner for 2022 will be announcedthis coming July 14!


Disques Nuits d’Afrique Label / Distribution : Believe The album features international star Yemi Alade, the engaging reggae of Tiken Jah Fakoly, Senegal’s rising star Cheikh Ibra Fam, the multi-generational Afrobeat of Femi Kuti and Made Kuti, the Kuduro of Pongo and the mellifluous voice of Brazilian artist Fabiana Cozza.

This compilation also puts the spotlight on the versatility and creativity of Montreal artists Paulo Ramos, with a previously unreleased track, and Kizaba who sings his love for Quebec, as well as two JUNO winning artists from Ontario, OKAN and Kobo Town.